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New Politics - Give Me Hope Logo

Available as clothing, stickers, throw pillows, and tote bags!

Buy here!

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  1. son:dad can u sing me a lullaby
  2. david boyd:sure son
  3. david boyd:"so kids don't listen to your parents your parents can't teach ya all they ever left was the world in a mess"
  4. son:dad pls
  5. david boyd:*break dances*
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David Boyd helping a baby turtle to the ocean

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David Boyd of New Politics

website | flickr | twitter | facebook

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Early flight to Albuquerque from L.A #monumentour

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DCD2 Records fam out on #MONUMENTOUR gang life.

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This is adorable. ☺️

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sorry to bug you but i was wondering if you know how old new politics is? thanks. :)

You’re talking about the members or the band itself? I think they’ve been a band since 2009 and released the first album in 2010. But I’m not really sure about the members because soren and david never let us know their ages and, if I’m right, lou turned 30 this year.

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