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New Politics speehc bubbles, please give credit if using <3

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tumblr_mpg03xcE5q1qht5m9o1_500.gif (500×279) on We Heart It.

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Ha this was fun to make and actually the first request I got so thank you

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David Boyd | New Politics | New York, NY.

Photo taken by empirewestlive for Gretsch Guitar.

TW/IG - @ empirewestlive

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Thank you Lansing MI what an amazing time at The Loft what an awesome intimate concert. Enjoyed the screams laughs jumps and sing alongs! (Photo by Amber Stokosa)

Today we play in Bloomington, IL! Get tickets here.

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Over the past year, our lead singer, David Boyd has been standing on his head (aka boyding) all over the world. 
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